Sunday, December 13, 2009

End of the Year Response

Looking back at my Search courses I believe that the course has left a postive impression on me. At the beginning of my first year I was excited to be reading Gilgamesh and the Iliad, but I couldn't see how the course was supposed to shape my value system. As the year went on I learned how to look deeper into my own value system and see what things I've studied had a great effect on me. When we came into this second year I was excited to learn about more philosophies, but this years readings didn't have that great of an impact on me at the beginning of the semester. When we started talking about Human Rights, Feminism, and Globalism I started to realize where this course was taking me. In my opinion Search has ended openly for me to address some major social boundaries that have recently hindered or helped the world. I think the program, through its readings and discussions have helped me look at situations through your eyes and my own. Even though some of the reading assignments and papers were painful to get through, I think this course has been a positive influence on myself. I wanted to pose the question out to the class if anyone needed to still respond to a blog. Do you think the Search program has left a positive or negative impression on you?

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  1. I would definitely say that the program has left a positive impression on me. By this I don't mean that my values are now perfect, but I do think that the broad spectrum of readings has helped us at least gain some footing in defining our values. Beyond that, a lot of what we read will probably come up again later in our lives, whether during trivia night, during an important decision making process, or just as a thought that passes through.